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For Advertising Agencies & Affiliates

Are you an affiliate or advertising agency looking for a comprehensive platform to create and launch campaigns? MobiBox is what you need. Our platform offers an advertising solution that allows you to easily launch and manage your campaigns. With access to our selection of offers in our vast marketplace and easy-to-use tools, you can effectively run Smartlink campaigns using built-in Google Ads accounts with a credit line, or by integrating your own social media ad accounts. Our customizable dashboards also ensure you have analytics to optimize campaigns and achieve your business goals.

How Do Advertising Agencies & Affiliates Benefit from our Tracking and Attribution Component?

Multi-Channel Advertising

All the necessary tools and resources you need to succeed in advertising across multiple channels are at your fingertips. With built-in accounts and credit lines, you can easily launch and manage Google Ads campaigns. Our platform also supporys advertising on popular social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

MobiBox Vast Marketplace

With MobiBox's vast marketplace combining services from different verticals, advertise the content providers' services to target audiences with ease.

Smart-Link Campaigns

Access MobiBox Marketplace offers to create and launch marketing Smart-Link campaigns directly on MobiBox. This innovative solution provides a simple and intuitive way to reach the target audience and drive conversions.

S2S PostBack

MobiBox uses the Pixel API to notify you of conversions resulting from the campaigns you have launched. By leveraging this information, you can accurately attribute installations to specific campaigns, optimize those campaigns, and ultimately maximize ROI

Attribution Tool

MobiBox's platform provides this tool to attribute conversions to specific marketing campaigns and channels, providing a complete view of the customer journey and enabling you to optimize your marketing efforts accordingly.

Efficient Performance Models

At MobiBox, we understand the importance of achieving your KPIs while maximizing your advertising spend. That's why our platform offers efficient performance models like CPA (cost-per- action) and CPI (cost-oer-install) to help you reach your target audience and drive conversions.

Enhance your advertising with MobiBox Lead Generation

Are you seeking to elevate your business with high-quality leads? Explore our marketing solution crafted to increase your revenue, streamline operations, and offer comprehensive analytics to enhance your campaigns. All within an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Whether you’re an agency aiming to elevate your client services or an individual business owner seeking effective lead generation, MobiBox is tailored to meet your needs.

Connect with New Leads Globally

Centralize your contact management and campaign execution within a unified platform, leveraging automation tools to maximize operational efficiency. Evaluate campaign performance through robust reporting features.

Effortlessly Host Your Forms

MobiBox facilitates elevating your lead generation by seamlessly hosting conversion-ready forms, eradicating concerns about technical expertise.

Integrate with Your Preferred CRM

Beyond leads, we prioritize relationships. MobiBox integrates your forms with your preferred CRM, ensuring organized connections ready for the subsequent steps.

AI-connected ad account

Effortlessly generate multiple campaigns with minimal effort.

Automation tools

Bid farewell to manual tasks, freeing up time to concentrate on delivering content.

Integrate with Your Preferred CRM

Receive timely notifications and gain real-time insights into your campaigns, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize results.

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Do You Offer Fraud Prevention?

Monitoring campaigns for fraudulent activities is a full-time job. With smart and advanced technologies and the most prevention tactics, you can keep your ad spending focused on quality users.

Yes, you can measure marketing performance, find growth areas, and forecast risks with MobiBox analytics and business Intelligence tools.

Thanks to our automation feature, you can create a campaign on MobiBox and have it automatically reflected on other platforms,
such as AdWords, for seamless integration.

To create successful marketing campaigns, it’s important to manage traffic effectively by understanding its details. This includes tracking conversions and attributing them to specific marketing campaigns and channels. By doing so, you can gain a complete view of the customer journey and create profitable campaigns.
The SDK for Android and iOS provides publishers with the ability to integrate tracking and attribution into mobile apps. This allows for accurate measurement of campaign performance and user behavior, providing valuable insights to help optimize marketing campaigns and maximize return on investment. With the SDK, publishers can easily track key metrics such as
app installs, in-app events, and revenue, giving them the information needed to make informed decisions and drive results.

Streamline Your Business with Our All-in-One Solution: Monetizing, Hosting, Payment Management, Advertising, and Real-Time Insights.

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