In-App Flows

Mobile Arts SAL (offshore) is pleased to announce the release of the SMS flow for the IN-APP subscription. The SMS flow is not the standard SMS flow that requires the user’s manual entry but managed by the APP itself.

The SMS flow with the PIN flow together, have given the possibility for the IN-APP subscription to become a “hybrid” subscription, a flow that supports either flows when the first fails as a fallback.

The flow diversity for IN-APP, will introduce an efficient user acquisition to complete the subscription in easy steps.


    1. PIN Flow with native app – with MSISDN Entry: Watch Demo Video

    2. PIN Flow with portal converted to app – with MSISDN Entry: Watch Demo Video


    1. SMS Flow - without phone number entry: Watch Demo Video

    2. SMS Flow - with phone number entry: Watch Demo Video

  3. Hybrid Flow

    1. SMS Flow as a fall back option when the PIN flow fails due to:

      1. Latency in PIN delivery

      2. API errors that the app received due to some technical issues.

      3. A wrong pin entry by the end-user.

      The purpose of this feature that it prompts the end-user to subscribe through SMS Flow as alternative option

      Watch Demo Video

  4. Single SMS Confirmation Flow

    User enters his phone number and receives a message with a sub keyword. the user should click on the Send button to allow the permission for the app to send a confirmation SMS to get subscribed to the service.

    Watch Demo Video

  5. Double SMS Confirmation Flow

    1. User enters his phone number

    2. Clicks on "continue" and the sdk will send first sms: "Keyword" to shortcode

    3. User receives an SMS with confirmation keyword

    4. SDK will reply with confirmation keyword to shortocde and user gets subscribed Watch Demo Video
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