In App Subscription

Mobibox android SDK is the Global solution for mobile advertising, tracking and in app subscriptions.

Mobibox SDK allows charging users in a clear and simple way. It doesn’t require users to have a credit card or bank account to subscribe to premium features of the application that integrates this SDK.

One of the most important features of our SDK is that we offer MSISDN detection solution.

When it is possible, the SDK will auto detect MSISDN and make it available to the host app.

According to the payment method (MT, MO, DCB...), users enter their cell phone number, receive a text message with a Pin Code or press a button to subscribe and then all virtual charges are automatically charged to the user’s cell phone bill (charging fees will be clearly communicated to users in the disclaimer).

Payment through Google Wallet is available in case of non-supported operators or no SimCard.

Mobibox has gained the trust of branded merchants as trusted partner for IN-APP subscriptions
Taking into consideration all the necessary branding requirements for the product’s identity

New Branded Merchants are getting on board

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