Mobibox Advertising Solution

MobiBox serves as a platform for clients to interact and engage with their customers and potential buyers who are interested in acquiring their products or services. Advertisers will have the opportunity to place offers that Mobibox will send across its whole network. By registering to Mobibox, the affiliate networks and publishers can bid on the available offers.

The solution itself provides different payment conversion models such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Install (CPI) that can be customized with an event such as pin code verification or phone number verification, upon clicking a button or by submitting an email… These events can be dynamically added. Advertisers and app owners can enjoy the following privileges by MobiBox:

  • Access 100+ publishers and networks
  • Multiple payment conversion models
  • WAP and in-app advertising
  • Specifically targeted countries, campaigns and mobile operators (incentive or none incentive traffic)
  • Feature for traffic restriction
  • Unlimited space for offers

Mobibox Tracking Solution

MobiBox’s tracking solution allows app owners and marketers to get precise information about customer behavior. Through this data marketers can track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. App owners can get deep insights about how people are interacting with their apps and where they are losing interest. The tracking SDK has the ability to track post-install behavior, such as users who have opened a particular dialog box or have performed a particular action.

Marketers can target customers based on these traits. The events inside apps aren’t just tracked by our SDK; they can also act as triggers for marketing events. This allows marketers to fine tune their targeting until it reaches only those people who have completed a particular event or meet a set of criteria which will lead to better ROI for them. Instead of trying to fix the problem with a hammer, with Mobibox marketers can act like surgeons and work precisely.

Mobibox Attribution

Understand your media performance across multiple advertising channels: track and attribute your incoming users to the sources they come from – in real time.

With MobiBox, you can track all of your marketing channels and aggregate your conversion data for in-depth analysis, whether via click or impression. You'll always know exactly which ads delivered which users, right down to the campaign creatives users see.