IN-APP Subscription

Mobibox IN-APP subscription SDK allows seamless payments to go through instantaneously with automated and recurring billing. It can easily be integrated into any existing app that sells digital content, from any type of games or utility apps that offer premium features as a subscription service.

Mobibox solution offers two payment channels for subscription services through:
  • Carrier Billing

    Carrier billing is a streamlined mobile payment method.It does not require any user registration or credit card information to get subscribed,it only requires mobile authentication via SMS (user is prompted to enter his phone and verify it with the authentication code received by a text message to his phone).

    Mobibox IN-APP SDK supports the One click, Two click, PIN flow and integrates with the carrier’s consent gateways.

  • Google Wallet

    Mobibox offers Google Wallet as an alternative payment for the subscription. App owners can take a big advantage from this value added feature when they decide to monetize through carrier billing in a specific territory and at least one of the carriers does not support carrier billing. Having both payment method, will avoid losing the customers and income will be from different revenue streams.

PIN flow example: