Welcome To MobiBox

MobiBox – A Platform for the mobile world

Commerce and technology go hand in hand when it comes to making progress. The world of today is very different from where it was a decade ago; mobile has become the main platform for people to do everything they need to do. Communications, entertainment, shopping, relationships, and much more is now happening in mobile. Entrepreneurs are working hard at creating innovative products and solutions that capture the imagination of customers. Yet they all face the same problem; monetization. It is needlessly hard to monetize mobile content. Handling payments, marketing, and tracking usage is too complicated. Companies have to use multiple software and solutions and force all of them to work together. That’s where MobiBox comes in –opening up the mobile monetization world to entrepreneurs and companies all over the world.

MobiBox – Delivering what the market needs

Mobile app creators do not need to be told how to get people to use their apps – they are already innovative and creative enough to get people to download and install their apps. The problems they face are related to monetization. How do they monetize their content? Any app that offers content such as games, multimedia, or digital services, needs to have a system to generate income for the owners. It needs to have a platform where it can be marketed and advertised. App owners also need to make payments easier for customers – giving customers different options so they can pay in the most convenient way for them.

That is where MobiBox comes in. Mobibox is a unified solution for everything an app owner needs to make profit from his app. It is a cloud based platform which enables:

  • Content and digital products owners and app developers to start creating Mobibox offers, manage and run advertising campaigns and then monetize traffic.
  • Publishers and affiliate networks to bid on MobiBox exclusive offers and start generating revenue.
This is achieved through a combination of state-of-the-art, smart and simple SDKs that are developed by the Mobibox team itself: Advertising and Tracking SDK, Payment SDK, Adwall SDK and Mobile Content Hosting.