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Mobile Advertising

Advertising And Tracking SDK

MobiBox offers a better understanding of the marketing campaigns’ performance across different media channels based on in-app events tracking, and user data attribution. Mobibox will make the campaign's necessary information available at your fingertips.
Mobile Payment

In App Subscription SDK

Mobibox offers a smart and secure SDK for in app subscription benefiting from the Direct Carrier Billing and Google Wallet with just ONE single setup. The opt in process Mobibox delivers has the highest conversions between all campaigns.
Connected Clients

Connected Clients

The successful in app subscription model along with the tracking SDK, have provided Mobibox, in a very short period, with a wide range of clients who shifted their businesses from having a simple wap portal to a mobile application. The models are not covering the MENA region only, yet Mobibox is now operating in Europe and Latin America.
Re-Engagement Users

Connected Payment Providers

Mobibox technology and facilities invite payment providers for the new VAS subscription model by converting the subscription WAP portals, into one IN-APP subscription business model, that can operate worldwide, embedded with advanced tracking and advertising services. This model attracted Payment and Content Providers who followed the process with their current clients.
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